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Der Autor

Simon André Kledtke - born January 11th 1991 in Moenchengladbach, Germany

What can I tell you about myself?

I love writing, reading, football, beachsoccer, cocktails, movies and traveling - that's what my life is all about.

I write stories since I have been old enough to hold a pen by myself. During my time in primary school I mainly wrote adventures about knights, wizards and dragons (the dragons often ate schoolfellows I didn't like...).

A few years later my best friend and I - influenced by our passion for football and the World Cup in South Korea and Japan coming to come - created some fictitious football teams and made them play against each other in a league designed by or own. The result were interesting match reports, but the best was still to come.

Five years later we tried the "real thing".
We were bored by school - especially maths was awful - and we began to spend our time in the classroom more useful as we wrote our own parody on J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord Of The Rings". Even though is has not been published yet, I consider this time as the beginning of my writing career. Meanwhile, our first 'attempt' has been corrected several times and is published as an eBook under the title "The Lord Of The Apps" (german).

I wanted more. I wanted to write a story on my own, inspired by Sagas, Legends and fantastic novels that had filled me up with enthusiasm since I was a kid.

On february 4th 2008 I finally did something that changed my life - I wrote the first lines and step by step created the "Sarania cosmos". A journey has begun - for my characters and for myself. A journey that resulted in the publishing of the first two parts "Legacy of the Magicians" and "The Missing Nation", but is still to be continued...

Join me on this journey!

- Simon André Kledtke

My first publication – and how I got this far

I started working on the first ever version of Sarania in February 2008, shortly after my 17th birthday. At that time, I had no plan and didn't think of publishing it or even becoming a writer. I just wanted to create a story by myself as I had fell upon nearly every book surrounding me in my childhood and my youth. I hadn't got a clue at the very beginning and I didn't even have a conception. Sarania was a hobby, not more. I went to school, played football, socialised. I wrote some lines in the evening, just for fun, one page, a second, another one. I wrote until the first version was finished in November 2008. The first part was done and I felt happy. I had written it, my first novel. But what was next? What to do with it? Something crossed my mind, something that was said to me by a person who had already read my pages: "There is unbelieveble potential in that, you should think of offering it to a publisher!"

The next step was very clear to me: I wanted to publish Sarania. About two years ealier I had written a parody of The Lord Of The Rings with a friend of mine. We were about 15 or 16 years old and tried to offer that parody to a publisher in a very amateur way – with no success whatsorever. I therefore knew that I had to try it in a different manner. I needed information. Because of that, 2009 was the year where I collected everything I had to know to get closer to my goal. I used books, magazines and the internet. All the reading was well worth it as I got a little bit further every day and learned a lot - a benefit as I rewrote the script 4 times, no question about that.
I learned a lot about writing and about offering a script to a publishing house. At the same time I wrote the script in my computer, but until now I always write the first version with a pen. So for the first time I designed a conception for the saga that included the most important actions for the novels to come. Sarania sometimes reminds me of Star Wars: It's a universe and I just tell certain episodes from it. I realised that telling those stories was exactly what I wanted to do. It's my talent, it's my joy. I was determined and disciplined as I wanted to publish my book – my goal for 2009. I have to say that many things went my way on this journey.

My parents got divorced early and at the time I was working on Sarania I lived in a small flat with my mother, who always was successful at work. But back then she was unemployed fort he very first time. If you are getting towards the end of 40 you'll find it difficult getting a job in Germany. 2008 gave me Sarania - and my mother found an option to start new. That was when she read about a job offer down south in Switzerland (train conductor, which had nothing to do with what she had done before). She was offered a job interview in Stuttgart and finally got the job in Switzerland. She knew that this fresh opportunity could well be her last and she was desperate to take it. She moved down there in spring 2009 while I was staying in the flat, working on my A-Levels. For the first time I had to look after myself completely on my own. Of course it was not easy at the beginning, but as I know now, it was the best that could have happened to me for my future career.
I was able to use the computer for as long as I wanted and I really needed that time – Sarania had to be written and information to be collected. At the end of 2009 I was reliant – I had learned a lot about writing and the cosmos of books and publishers, the script was done and ready to be sent out to the world. I realised that writing was also about being patient. I found out that one could not only send scripts to publishers but also to literary agencies. So I made two lists: One was about publishers, the other one was about literary agencies. I started with the latter and finished off the list by the end of 2009. I started with the second story of Sarania and learned for my A-Levels, but still absorbed everything that dealt with writing.

At the beginning of 2010 I not only thought of publishing Sarania but also of becoming an author. To be honest: With my A-Levels getting closer and closer, I still had no idea what to do next. So, like seed, the thought grew and became stronger week by week. I finished part II of Sarania and wrote some short stories, mainly about strange things that happened to me. During the following months I had to deal with some first setbacks as the literary agencies decided against working with Sarania and me – all of them. Although I had prepared myself for this kind of situation I was devastated. I never thought that it would be that hard. Almost everytime I opened the letter box I found a negative answer from an agency.
What frustrated me the most was the fact that I was really close: Most of the agencies liked my script, but little things let them decide against me (too much competition on the market, too many writers in the agencies etc.). Those experiences hurt because I had worked hard and to my mind I really deserved to get a chance. Looking back I think these were tests on how I would deal with defeats. One month before my A-Level tests I felt empty. Of course I did not want to give up as I had made it too far for that, but I needed a break to be fully focused on the tests. After that I wanted to continue my journey. My love for writing was unbroken.
While everyone around me just talked about the upcoming tests I did something very important as I know nowadays: I had saved some money and without thinking about it I booked a flight to Madrid. Don't ask why. Maybe I did it because I had some kind of a Spanish-phase at that time. Maybe I did it because I was keen on an adventure or something. Maybe it was because I had to learn Spanish for my A-Levels anyway and thought I could connect that with holidays. I had never travelled in an aeroplane before (strange, but true nevertheless...), lived in a small village, had never been abroad on my own before, I had not even booked a hotel. But suddenly I sat in an aeroplane and was on my way towards a metropolis. What to say about it? It was the best week of my life so far. I found a hostal, I had fun, I learned a bit and fell in love with the Spanish capital. I returned full of self-confidence, was relaxed and ready to go for my A-Levels.

Why do I tell you about this episode? Simply because it was the first time I had stepped into the unknown. I justed wanted to live. And that courage would become important for me later on. I passed the tests and got good results. I continued working on part II of Sarania and working on myself as I wanted to get better. While the search for publishers went on I had to deal with an urgent problem: What to do with my A-Levels? I was not ready to become an author yet, that was still a dream. Without a publisher and without a contract it wasn't something of that I could have said: I can live from it. I only knew that I wanted it, I wanted to write, write, write. But I was not sure and convinced of it to be the right thing just for now. Because of that I went to university to studied lectureship, something solid. I like kids and at the same time I could appease my family.
To make it short: My two years at the university were okay and I do not regret to have done it. I got to know great people, did a lot of sport, even the test were okay. But I always felt that it was not the right thing. I still spent a lot of time on my writing which pleased me more. Maybe everything could have gone in another direction without summer 2010, the summer before I went to university. During this spell I had nothing to do really, so I earned some money, wrote and prepared my script to send it to various publishers on my list. But things can change very quickly.

My best friend (the guy with whom I wrote the parody mentioned) was also working on a novel and asked me about information regarding the publishers business. He was looking for a kind of platform where he could upload his stories and present them to people. I told him about www.romansuche.de where you can offer unpublished stories. I knew that readers and agents often look for interesting material there. He offered his stories and was asked by a german agent in a french agency if he could read more of his stories. Ironically, my friend and the agent from France have never worked together until today, but I profited a lot as I got to know this agent.
His agency was not on my list and just gave it a shot and sent him parts of my script. Two days later he called me and asked for the whole script. I could not believe it. I agreed and did not sleep very much in the following nights. Was that it? The breakthrough? Okay, the agent had read the first 50 pages and he liked them. But there were another 400 pages. Would he change his mind? He did not. Shortly before summer vacation started, I got that redemptive email: "I would like to work with you, but we will have to work on the script first. You will have to change it here and there for one last time. I send you your pages and my notes on them." I was ready for it. I was very close to get into the writing business.

But half a year passed by until I finally got my contract from the agency. When I received the letter I almost swooned. Nearly every page of my script was full of notes, whole sentences were crossed out. Back then I did not understand it, but today I do exactly. I was not sure what this guy expected from me. But the thought of giving up never crossed my mind and I spent another 2 to 3 months working on the script. Then I got the contract and on christmas eve 2010 I signed. The agent did the same on 11th January and so the agency signed me exactly on my 20th birthday.
From this day on university and writing progressed parallely but my focus was on my script. While the agent tried to find a suitable publisher, I was still working on part II. I made the experience that things happen very slowly in this business. It was not until May 2012 when I learned about the interest of UBV publishing house. They wanted to publish my script after 32 (!!) other publishers had decided against it. The script itself had never been the main problem, but there are things in this process you simply cannot influence as an author. Sometimes it is a matter of luck. But I finally got my chance and on 11th September 2012 I signed my first book contract. All the efforts, the practice, the setbacks... I was beyond that now.
On this day my adventure as an author began. The beginning of 2013 was hard, I had not felt that sick for a long time. My illness was kind of a hint: I had to decide me –university or writing career? Both at the same time was too much to take. Once again I stepped into the unknown and left university. I had decided in favour of my passion and now I had to go all the way.

My life changed completely. It's difficult to describe if you have not experienced it yourselves. I am more than satisfied living my dream – even if I had failed with Sarania, I am sure that I had continued with a different story until I had got my reward. I am glad to wake up in the morning and to do what I love the most. I will do everything I can to make Sarania a successful novel, but more important: I will write on, I will write until I die. I am young and have about thousand things to learn. But nevertheless I want to tell some things to all the people out there who like writing and maybe have the same dream I have.


  • Write your story first, the hard work starts after that
  • Only write what you really want to write
  • Stay disciplined and write as much as you can
  • Learn and always try to improve yourselves
  • The magic lies within wrting, not within publishing


  • Life is not hard and unfair, instead it is a wunderful present. So use it!
  • Even if it may be hard and unfair at times, it's still YOUR life and not someone else's.
  • When you have found out about what you really want, try to avoid everything that could get into your way (parties, alcohol and smartphones do not make happy, they just paralyse you)
  • Surround yourselves with positive people who make you feel good
  • Be curious and always ready to learn and add some knowledge
  • It is not a matter of how far you come. Important is that you go your own way.

I tell you something: Writing is a hard job. It is a process of years and you will stumble along the way more than once – just as I did. Most authors, whose books have already been published, have written for 10 years or even longer. Every year I was close to the edge and finally had that bit of luck that is needed. But everyone who loves writing has to go this way, no matter how difficult it will be. When you have found out about what you really want talk about it with your people – it'll be hard.
My family and friends were afraid, full of doubt and did not understand it. Then they had to accept it. You can only make a dream come true if work for it day and night. But isn't it worth that? When I get up in the morning, I want to know why I get up. Believe and the power of will are able to move mountains. If nobody believes in you then just do it yourselves. You are not here to be liked by others but to make yourselves happy. Even if you are not supported by the people surrounding you – the world waits for you. You can move to another city, go abroad, collect impressions and experiences, create your life just as you want. Don't be afraid. Just imagine you have to watch a film about your life when you are dead. What do you want to see in it?

I wish you all the best on your journey. Be yourselves and listen to the voice inside of you.

Simon A. Kledtke, im Dezember 2014

Literary C.V.

Simon André Kledtke,
born 11th January 1991 in Moenchengladbach (Germany)

Catholic primary school "Will Sommer", Rheindahlen

Urban secondary school "Maximilian Kolbe", Wegberg

"Mathematical and scientific secondary school Moenchengladbach", A-Levels June 2010

Seit Juli 2010:
Coopration with literary agency "Editio Dialog Literary Scouting Agency" (Creative Director Dr. Michael Wenzel)

October 2010 – December 2012:
Course of study lectureship at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal (subjects: German and Maths for primary school as well as History)

Since January 2011:
Signed by the 'Editio Dialog Literary Scouting Agency'

January 2011:
Contract fort he script "Sarania – Legacy of the magicians"

February - March 2012:
Traineeship at the Catholic primary school "Saint Michael", Wuppertal

March 2012 - March 2013:
Football manager (boys/girls) at the Catholic primary school "Saint Michael"

September 2012:
Publishers contract fort he script "Sarania – Legacy Of The Magicians" (Ulrich Burger publishing house, UBV)

Since September 2012:
Author at the UBV publishing house

Since May 2013:
Actor at 'Joker Productions GmbH' film company

June 2013:
Contract with Editio Dialog for the script "Sarania – The Missing Nation"

August 2013:
Publishing of "Sarania – Legacy Of The Magicians" (UBV)

October 2013:
Fan-Slam 2013 (evening of newcomers) at the BIS center, Moenchengladbach

November 2013:
• Reader at the "nationwide day of reading" at the secondary school "Alt-Oberhausen"
• Nominated for the 2011 "Hombuch Price", category "Fantasy"

February 2014:
Publishing of the short story "Streets Of Nol-Galad", anthology by UBV "The cooks III"

March 2014:
2nd place at the "Hombuch Price" (Price of the Saarland book fair), category "Fantasy"

April 2014:
Nominated for the "German Phantastic Price 2014", category "Best german debut" for "Sarania – Legacy Of The Magicians". - 3rd place October 2014.

October 2014:
• Publishers contract for "Sarania – The Missing Nation" with UBV
• Contract with "VG Wort" company

Since October 2014:
Author / story developer for the series "Miss Bellyfoo" (Foo Entertainment Group)

December 2014:
Nominated for the "Hombuch Price 2015", category "Fantasy"

Reading of the "Creative Writing" books by Sol Stein, Syd Field, James N. Frey, Hans-Peter Roentgen alongside others

• "Sarania – Legacy Of The Magicians" (UBV, August 2013, Homburg/Saar)
• "Sarania – The Missing Nation" (UBV, Fall 2015, Homburg/Saar)

Contributions for anthologies:
"Streets Of Nol-Galad" (UBV-Anthology "The Cooks III.", February 2014, Homburg/Saar)

Contributions in Literature magazines:
"What is beauty?" (Austrian magazine 'Sterz', 2015, Vienna)

Articles in journals:
"Better every time – The process of writing" (Journal "Federwelt", February 2015, Munich)


Simon André Kledtke
c/o Ulrich Burger Verlag
An der Schildwache 26
66424 Homburg
Email: info@sarania.de / SimonK191@web.de

Literary background

Simon André Kledtke (*11.01.1991)

I started writing quite early. That was when a friend of mine and I wrote a parody on Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings at the age of 16. Meanwhile, you can download this parody at the Amazon ebook store, just look for "The Lord Of The Apps" (only available in German language). Since then I have had to write. At the age of 17 I started with the first pages of what should later become the Sarania saga. It started with loose points, stories and actions and became a cosmos. I always wanted to write a story about heroes, inspired by all the fairytales, myths and sagas that had brought me so much joy in my childhood. Sarania is a story developing across more than just one novel. The first one, "Sarania – Legacy Of The Magicians" was published by UBV in August 2013. The second one, "Sarania – The Missing Nation" will be published in Fall 2015. While I was working on Sarania I became well aware of one thing: I wanted to make the most out of my talent. I love it, I have accepted it as a job and a passion at the same time and I cannot imagine to do something else. During the following years I continued my work on the Sarania novels, but was also interested in the whole writing and publishing business. I read every book and every article that could possibly help me getting closer to my dream, for example the books by Sol Stein, James N. Frey, Hans-Peter-Roentgen and Wolf Schneider, but also the magazine "TextArt" for creative writing. I collected all that knowledge and wrote it down so that I can look at it everytime I want to.

My cooperation with the "Editio Dialog Literary Scouting Agency" was the first step into the business. It finally led to the contract with UBV – among important advice and encouragement.

I used the months after Sarania was published to get some useful experience at book fairs in Frankfurt (2013) and Homburg (2014) to mention just two.

The upcoming months were full of literature. I finished part II of the Sarania saga ("The Missing Nation") and I have prepared it for the market by now. It will be released by UBV in Fall 2015. I continue my Sarania presentation tour and prepare myself for the work on the third novel. In the future – after the saga will have come to an end – I want to write on, of course. Therefore I try to get used to other literature such as screenplays and musicals. Exciting times lie ahead, that is for sure. I also want to spend some time abroad to get as much impressions as I possibly can to develop – as an artist as well as a person.

- Simon André Kledtke