To connect the word "Soundtrack" with a novel seems to be quite strange as you think of an orchestral film score when you hear it. While working on the "Sarania" novel - which is to be continued - I found out about many pieces of epic music which soon became kind of a leitmotif to me. Music inspires me and it motivates me as well, it makes me progress and furthermore puts me in a certain, positive kind of mood: All is possible!
Therefore I would like to introduce the Top 20 of my so called "writing songs" to you. Who knows, perhaps there is one amongst them which inspires you as well and helps you reaching your aims and living your dreams. I would be delighted!

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The Team

The Story, the characters and all contents referring to Sarania are part of my fantasy. I was able to realize my vision thanks to a fantastic team who supported me throughout the whole process of writing, editing and publishing.

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From the first script to the final Extended edition.

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