Extras: Soundtrack

Place 20: "Rambunctious Boy" (John Fogerty)

'Rambunctious Boy' - does John Fogerty sing about me? I don't know. Nevertheless a wonderful and crisp song I often heard before working on the book to bring myself in the right mood.

Place 19: "El Temperamento" (Marquess)

Sunshine, Cocktails and "El Temperamento" - the perfect finish to a fruitful summer day in terms of writing.

Place 18: "Over the hills and far away" (Nightwish)

Sarania and the Finnish band Nightwish - these two simply belong together. "Over the hills and far away" is a very powerful piece of music - I like it!

Place 17: "Dark Chest of Wonders" (Nightwish)

Nightwish for the second time: "Dark chest of wonders" was a very catchy tune I listened to right at the beginning of the writing process. Nice one, I can listen to it over and over again.

Place 16: "Ai Se Eu Te Pego" (Michel Teló)

Who doesn't know this great summer hit? At the end of a long day full of writing it is fun to just celebrate yourself. Which song could be more fitting for that?

Place 15: "Dieser Weg" (Xavier Naidoo)

"This way won't be an easy one" Xavier Naidoo sings in this one. A line that fits quite well when I found out that I had too much ideas to put in just one book. I would have to write at least another one and I cannot imagine a song that motivates me more doing it than this one.

Place 14: "160 BPM" (Angels & Demons Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer)

Powerful and epic. Hans Zimmer outclassed nobody but himself composing the score to Ron Howard's "Angels and Demons". This was the song I listened to the most while scribbling in my pocket book.

Place 13: "Snowflakes" (White Apple Tree)

Great song which appears in the german movie "Kokowääh" (Coq au vin), especially in scenes the protagonist writes a lot. No wonder I would discover the song soon or later...

Place 12: "Ghost Love Score" (Nightwish)

Nightwish, once again: While listening to this, I often think about the last, decisive battle where Saranias fate will be decided. It will take a bit of time before I listen to it again - while working on the third volume of Sarania.

Place 11: "Breath and Life" (Audiomachine)

"Breath and life" is an ideal impulse and inspires my creativity.

Place 10: "Umbrella" (The Baseballs)

Let's Rock 'n' Roll! Another chapter has been written or edited, I have served myself a chilled beer and this song hammers out of my stereo - superb. It reminds me of a great night in Münster where I attended one of their live concerts...

Place 9: "Locked Within The Crystal Ball" (Blackmore's Night)

This song accompanies me since I have written the first page of Sarania. I like it just the same nowadays.

Place 8: "He's a Pirate" (Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer/Klaus Badelt)

Cult. Ideal to bring yourself in the right mood to write a few epic pages of a fantasy novel.

Place 7: "Ocean Soul" (Nightwish)

The Finnish band over and over again. "Ocean Soul" is a fantastic song, sounds good, makes you happy and inspires you to dream. I listened to it while drawing the central storyline for the novel.

Place 6: "Tchê Tcherere Tchê Tchê" (Gusttavo Lima)

A joyful partytime song from Brazil and the perfect one to just relax and think of nothing, only joined by a Cuba Libre - top.

Place 5: "Freiheit" (Unheilig)

Unheilig is the first band to appear in my top five ranking with their stunning song "Freiheit" (freedom). It encourages everyone to live a free and independent life. I can only recommend the song to you - close your eyes and take something from it.

Place 4: "Heart of Courage" (Two Steps From Hell)

Can't remember when and where I found out about this one, but it doesn't matter anyway. The song has been with me for about two years now and I think it is a real strong one. I can listen to it five times in a row and it never becomes boring.

Place 3: "Angels Will Rise" (Rob Scales)

I discovered "Angels Will Rise" by accident - sometimes you are rewarded when you spent a bit of time on youtube after a few pints of beer. This song is intense and dynamic and put a spell on me right from the start. I really appreciate it was chosen to be the song for my official book trailer.

Place 2: "Drachengold" (E-Nomine)

Would Sarania exist without this song? I don't know, to be honest. I had listened to this song a few weeks before I started to write the novel. I listened to it before I got to sleep and in my dreams, the story materialized. I can say that this song has given me a massive boost and later on I realized how important it was.

Place 1: "The Poet and the Pendulum" (Nightwish)

There can only be one - "The Poet and the pendulum" by Nightwish (who else?). The song it all started with.
A coastline, a wild and stormy ocean, a monster in the sea. Not the first pictures in my head, but the first ones to make me write. I took an pen, a clean sheet of paper and wrote the first words. Something that existed only in my head became reality - in some way. When I think about it now I think about this song. It has made me progress, page after page after page. Of course I have discovered various other great songs since then, but this one remains special - and therefore it is my number one.