Extras: The Team

On first place I want to mention my literary agent Michael Wenzel from the Editio Dialog Agency. He believed in me and helped me improve the script, supported me on numberless important occasions and finally found a publisher for my script - the UB-Verlag.

I am very grateful for the support my publisher Ulrich Burger has given me as well. My dream to publish "Sarania" became reality thanks to him. You can only imagine the energy inside this man, who publishes books, organizes his own book fair and manages somehow not to get mad. Respect, Uli!

Besides these two I would like to thank the following persons of the "Sarania"-Team:

Thomas Orgel from SpessartGrafik you've made a good job of the cover. I don't have a clue if it comes to graphics and designs, but I couldn't have asked for a better cover than the one I got from you. It fascinates me over and over again. Big thanks for that.

Tristan Serences for the first two "Sarania" book trailers, which did not only match my expectations, but surpassed them by far.

Yulia Mouraviova for the wonderful artworks and her consulting service. My visiting cards, flyers and posters would have been quite lame without your illustrations. Thank You, Lia :)

MusicDIRECTOR GmbH who dealt with the licenses to make it possible the song "Angels Will Rise" could appear in my book trailer.

US music production company Audiomachine for their permission to use their song "Guardians at the gate" for my official book trailer of "Sarania – legacy of the magicians". Thank you, California! Thank you, Los Angeles!

Marius Kreuder for his tireless dedication and his technical know-how. Without him this website could not exist. Gracias!

Stefan for his incredibly intense research about music licenses, youtube and facebook logos. My head would have burst a long time ago without him, thank you Stefan!

Agostino Kranhold – my italian photographer - for a breathtaking photo session, coffee and encouraging words. If you need portrait photos some time, I can highly recommend his studio ShootingStar. Mille grazie!

The Band Flying Pain who supported me with their music at my very first official reading. I will never forget that evening. Thanks Bene. Thanks Huwer. I hope you will be successful with your music in the future! I am looking forward to work with you again.

Also thank you to the people around me, there are as important to me as the whole Sarania team:

Jens Hinz, my former teacher in geography. He was one of the first people ever to read something I wrote: My "real life" short stories. He encouraged me to go on. Thank you for encouraging me, for animation and tips about good novels.

Ursula Jiménez and the office Binational in Düsseldorf. When I desperately looked for a place to realize the Sarania homepage, she let me work in her office. Muchas gracias!

Leander Breithausen, a great human being, football- and beachsoccer player. Thanks for legendary games and your words that have followed me on my journey. Ci vediamo!

Martin Bernards, my hard drinking class mate. I have to bear this guy for quite a while now but without him it is not the same. Thank you for animating talks about literature and epic DVD sessions. Inkibinki!

Marion Kledtke, my aunt from the Saarland. She was the second person to read the script of Sarania and her verdict was at the same time nice and crucial and it helped me a lot. Thank you for your sharp witted comments, eternal humor and unmistakable feedback on various post-it notes.

Ingeborg Kledtke, the best grandmother you can think of. It was her house I wrote the first lines of my book in and I finished the first version there as well. This was the place where it all began. Here is the place I can rest, the only constant place in my life, steadily as a rock. Thank you for good food, kefir, coffee and for a certain feeling: This is home!

Frank Kledtke – godfather, boozing mate, mentor, companion. I could write a novel about my uncle as well. What else can I say about him? Nothing, besides this: Thank you for enduring optimism, unforgettable journeys, Köstritzer and Krombacher beer. The biggest thank of all is for the newspaper article from November 15th 2008 you gave me saying: "Keep this one until your book will be published!" Well, it's time now - I'll have a gulp of Köstritzer!

Leon Kledtke, my brother - for confidence, humor and his dry sense of humor. Furthermore I stole two names he invented and used it for my book - I will make up for that later, I promise...

Judith Kledtke, my mother. She is the reason why I am what I am. Thank you for always believing in me, for your readiness to let me go my own way. Thank you for what you do, for your faith and for your strength which is why I have come so far. Thank you for red wine and Southern Germany. Thank you for everything.

Finally, I would like to thank Eric Simon Theißen, my best friend. He has been a loyal companion for the last twelve years and accompanies me on my unfathomable ways. He knows me better than anyone else. He was the first to read my script. He was the first to help me improve it. He was there in the decisive moments.We started writing together (newspaper articles, match reports and - of course - our unforgettable parody on the Lord of the Rings) and we still write. We did a lot of shit together and a lot of shit happened to us. You won't find a better friend than Eric, that's for sure. I witnessed his best and his worst moments, he witnessed my best and my darkest hours. He is the only one who can compete against me in breathtaking FIFA 14 battles - and every now and then he even wins against me. I love playing with words, but in this case, I think, I can't find the right words to speak highly enough of him. No estoy nada sin ti, amigo!