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The Continent

In the heart of the commonly known world you can find the mystic continent of Sarania. It is the home of various races and peoples. From the beginning it consisted of four countries: Sonfalur, Belfang, Milifiria and Rivur. Up in the north you will notice the big mountain chains - the Fire Mountains and the Iron Mountains. Vast green landscapes, steppes and these mountain chains dominate Milifiria and Sonfalur - the "land of scholars". Its capital, Alanur, is said to be the centre of knowledge. Saranias habitants tell each other dark legends about the north and connect this area with evil witchcraft and mysterious happenings. In the east there are mostly mountainous areas, badlands and deserts. News from there are quite seldom. Humans and dwarfs, centaurs and elves as well as every other peoples do not pay much attention to this area. On the contrary, the most southern country - Rivur - is very popular for its forests, lakes and fruitful soils. Therefore it is called the "green land" and is the home of the Rivurians, the mermen. But the biggest and most diverse country of all is Belfang, where you can find forests, swamps surrounded by fog, rivers, lakes, mountains, steppes, coasts and arid landscapes. It is a country like no other as it consists of areas of such great diversity and is a home to so many different peoples and magic creatures.

Although numberless scrolls, fragments, letters, books and chronicles were written, collected and archived by magicians, scholars and historians over the years, Sarania still is a world full of mysteries. A world full of adventures, miracles and magic. A world full of myths, gory battles and glorious warriors. A world where light and darkness take turns. A world that sees legendary heroes and villains fight each other.

One continent...
Four countries...
Adventures and magic...
Dark mights...
Bloody battles...
Immortal heroes...


A small village in Belfang which is attacked and burned down by loroks.

Capital of Sonfalur, also called the "city of scholars".

Academy of Alanur
Castle of scholars and centre of sciences. Many young and talented magicians finish their degrees in magic here.

Elf from the Forest of Siofel, she accompanies Benalir on his mission.

Alet Mountains
A mountain chain in Belfang.

Tutelar of the Rivurians. God of water.

The Rivanian king's niece.

Commands the mermen in Rivur.

Soldier in Rivania.

The biggest of the four countries of Sarania.

Young blacksmith from Belfang. He is chosen by a prophecy to stand up against the dark magician Zorano and to free Sarania from his cruel reign.

Guard in a small coast-based village.

A small coast-based village in the west of Belfang.

Author and historian, lives in Fulna.

The black citadel
Prison and castle at the same time, located in the city centre of Mildrid.

King of the dwarfs who live in the Alet mountains, is subject to Zorano's orders.

Stable boy in the tavern "The Singing Boar".

Mysterious warrior, leads Zorano's black army.

Tiny gold coins, the Saranian valuta.

An isolated island, residence of the dark magician Zorano.

Dark Forest
Mystic Forest in the east of Belfang.

One of two twin rivers, flows into the Sala river and forms the big river Rûn.

The last Dragon to be seen in Sarania.

Trader in Alanur.

Governor in Alanur.

Head of the Alanur Academy.

Elf living in the Forest of Siofel. Explains Benalir what his fate is all about.

A city in the west of Milifiria, under control of the black army.

Fire Mountains
Highest mountain chain in Sarania.

Young lad from Agalam.

Small town in the west of Belfang, is attacked and ravaged by mercenaries.

Landlord in Agalam.

Benalir's father, a blacksmith.

Tavern owner in Sonfalur.

Merman from Rivur, one of Benalir's companions.

Dwarf from the Alet Mountains, lives in Sonfalur and joins Sacerak the magician on his journey.

Legendary tribe of wood ghosts.

Teacher in the Alanur Academy, murdered by his former disciple Sacerak.

Member of a bunch of loroks.

Veteran from Rivania.

Guldam beer
Aromatic beer, a specialty from Belfang.

Guard in Agalam, has the order to persuade a group of independent dwarfs to fight for the mights of good.

Merman from Rivur.

God of the blacksmiths and workers.

Wulof, lebt in Belfang, Bruder des ehemaligen Orakelmeisters von Alanur.

Land of Hills
Mountainous area in the east of Belfang, home of Benalir and his father.

A lost city across the sea.

Mercenary, is killed by Thoralf from Milifiria.

Former master of oracles at the Alanur Academy. Brother of Holtog. Deceased.

Landlord in Fulna.

One of the seven Zurdrûks. Vassal of the dark Lord Zorano.

Kirfu islands
Group of islands.

Mysterious monster, lives in the sea.

Sea port in the southwest of Rivur, under the rule of the Zurdrûks.

Elf from the Forest of Siofel, Erlon's brother.

Lion men. Settled a long time ago in Sarania, came from the fiery continent. They are said to be experienced and barbaric warriors. Servants of the sorcerer Zorano.

Waiter in a tavern in Sonfalur.

Island close to the coast-based village Bulfir.

Former teacher of Sacerak at the Alanur Academy.

Solof's daughter.

Capital of Rivur, under the control of the Zurdrûks.

Elfish healer in the Forest of Siofel.

Librarian at the Alanur Academy.

One of the four countries of Sarania, ruled by Lord Zorano.

Magician and former disciple of the legendary Noduhel.

Legendary magician a long time ago.

Mercenary, accompanies Jin.

Nephew and heir apparent to King Nefur from Rivania.

King of Belfang, resides in Rivania, the capital.

Mysterious sorcerer. He keeps hiding in the shadows and works on his plan: To overthrow the current regime and gain control over the whole continent.

Niara lake
Biggest lake in Sarania.

Legendary magician a long time ago, enclosed a large part of his magic in the Ring of the Gnublungs.

North Forest
Forest in the north of Belfang, most of its habitants are elves and centaurs.

Vassal and Zorano's right-hand. He is commanded to find Benalir and to arrest him. But Norful owes Benalir.

Fortress in Milifiria, home of the Zurdrûks.

God of magicians.

River, has its source in the Fire Mountains.

A dragon of dark mights, only the mysterious warrior Dorzan is capable of controlling the dragon.

Veteran from Rivania.

Council of the Old
A meeting held by the five oldest teachers at the Alanur Academy. They make important decisions regarding the academy.

Council of Magicians
An old brotherhood consisting of the twelve best magicians on the continent.

Legendary magician a long time ago.

Ring of the Gnublungs
Magic artifact, in which Noduhel enclosed large parts of his magic.

Capital of Belfang.

Most southern of the four countries, under the rule of Zorano.

Great river formed by the river Eb and the river Sala.

Youngest member of the Council of Magicians. He got one order by the brotherhood: To deny Zorano fulfilling his dark plans. Sacerak and Zorano were friends in former times.

River, flows together with the river Eb to form the Great river Rûn.

Mystic continent, consisting of four countries, home of various peoples and creatures.

Shadow Mountains
Mountain chain between Belfang an Rivur.

Forest of Siofel
Biggest forest in Sarania, home of the wood elves.

Magician and Grisard's brother, lives in the coast-based village Bulfir, saves Benalir when he meets Kenitra.

Smallest of the four countries, often called the "land of scholars".

Road to South
Longest trade route, leads from Alanur to Mildrid and Nûrdur.

Mighty god of thunder.

Officer in Rivania, has got good relationships to Alanur.

From Milifiria. Fights as an archer against Zorano's vassals.

Desert of Death
Arid area close to the North Forest.

Guard in a small village.

Commander of Agalam, killed by Kenitra.

Leader of the Rivanian soldiers.

King of Sonfalur.

Librarian in Fulna.

Ûl melinûn
The old magic language of Sarania is mainly spoken by elves, magicians, demons and scholars.

Ûlun Bar
Big city in Belfang, controlled by Zorano's troops.

Dwarf, guard in Fulna.

An aromatic, spicy wine produced by elves.

A spell that makes it possible to teleport from one place to another.

General of the Rivanian troops.

Tiny creatures with glimmering eyes and ears like bats. They are able to speak the Milunian language and can make themselves invisible. They have almost died out in Sarania.

Sorcerer, resides on the island of Dûlur. Wants to bring all four countries of Sarania under his cruel reign. He commands a large army. The reasons for his plan are not quite clear yet.

Also called the wolf riders. Vassals and mightiest servants of Zorano.

"The funny Troll"
Tavern in Agalam.

"The Black Bear"
Tavern in Alanur.

"The Singing Boar"
Tavern in Fulna.

Ûl melinûn - The magic language of Sarania

Ûl melinûn – the Milunian language – is the oldest language in Sarania. It is mainly spoken by the elves as they are native speakers. But also magicians and healers are able to speak it as it is the basis for every magic spell. Just a few languages have outlasted: A dwarf dialect, the common language "Saran" - and Ûl melinûn.

Milunian words

The chosen one

Murderer, killer

Alor dol damróm
Killer of demons

Alor do lus gnôres
Killer of gnomes

Anás dol fuco

Power of the sea






Force, power


Fuco do lu inkám

Glándas do larûm
Splinter of glass


Dragon, lizard


Burn (sg.)

Burn (pl.)



Nûvom dol mûrtom
Cloud of death


Prótok dol fuco
Protection of fire



Stráka dol damróm
Kiss of the demon

Sûlvum do Siofel
Forest of Siofel

Ûl melinûn
The Milunian language

Chosen One

spicy wine


wolf rider

Milunian lines and phrases

A dûos, mánkalum ín lu cûs dol amgún!
Oh tutelar, send him to the house of a friend!

Ángar maldôt do lus blûras!
Deadly sea of flames!

Abûrató, purtóm!
Open, door!

Abûrató pûru untrarnormo! Suro ûl hubar do kesta hubilón
Open and let us in! I am the owner of this house.

Akûm huró ke vóm u protkar ûl velinor
Hereby I swear to protect the chosen one.

Al velinor
Here's to the chosen one

Am lu pûrgona ke lega kesta frûgmónton
To the person reading this scroll

Blángra, dûdom!
Bleed, finger!

Blûra stránga!
Bright flame!

Brankor, súlcarte!
Heal, arm!

Bûndorom, amgúnos
You are welcome, my friends

Clûv, dénparató!
Open, padlock!

Cónstra ón tarpon!
Build a bridge!

Corfund dol mûntom!
Confusion of the mind!

Dában lus dóros ónskalarnormo!
May the Gods disguise us!

Dában protkar lus dóros do mûm palogum
May the gods of my people protect you

Dában pûrdor lu sedra ol karda! Énfala, nangol blûdro!
May they lose their view of the army! Black mist, awake!

Dámor ûl pidra!
Bring me that stone!

Dánpara, bándoro!
Hair, disappear!

Dantûm, cûstór! Áddamor hullontrur ûl pidra do lu ánara?
I thank you, guard! Will you help me to find the stone of souls?

Dûjad rumpór lus pûrnas!
Let their legs break!

Dúmna lor mûntom!
Control his mind!

Dûspató, lurza!
Ignite, light!

Dûspató, palûm do lurza!
Ignite, globe of light!

Dûstor dol prótok!
Demolishing of the protection!

Epuro ke tû prûtás ol cûk
I hope you have a watchful eye on the boy

Fángas maldôtos!
Deadly arrows!

Flagram lákos
Curse of paralysation

Flagram maldôt
Deadly curse

Flagram prokatû!
Forbidden curse

Flángra do lu lurza
Beam of light!

Flángra dol mûrtom!
Beam of death!

Fontánza dol sôrgrok!
Force of the sword!

Fontánza do luru damrómos!
Power of the demons!

Fontánza do lus dóros!
Power of the Gods!

Fuco do lus dóros!
Divine fire!

Gônda dol máke!
Impact of the Falcon!

Hûjum do Galdor
Son of Galdor

Hûstum dol damróm!
Liberation from the Demon!

Ín gádamark
In memoriam

Ín lu sûlvum do Livano!
To the Livano wood!

Irám do lus dóros!
Wrath of the Gods!

You are welcome

Ka´tad, kéveres!
Welcome, magicians!

Kéma, arcarum!
Burn, arch!

Kéma, fuco!
Burn, fire!

Ki stuó
Here I am

Kû stá?
Who´s there?

Lu éperu mûrte ûltumo
Hope is the last thing to die

Lurza do lus dóros!
Light of the Gods!

Mánkalum ín lu prûfa!
Send him into the deep!

Mánkanormo ol zarûm!
Send us to the tower!

Mánkamur ín ankadóm!
Send me to the academy!

Múrta ûl kranók!
Kill the Kraken!

Múrtamur pur ón gulpón ín cûrzona!
Kill me with a stab in the heart!

Mûrtom do lus kéveres!
Death of the magicians!

Mûrtom dol damróm!
Death of the Demon!

Mústramor ûl intór dol malakta
Show me the content of your bag

Mústrató, nárna!
Reveal, cell!

Nûbla maldôt!
Deadly smoke!

Nûnda dorkan!
Dark magic!

Óngon, cáppia to côndan!
Ear, change your shape!

O kûro sûr vilcó
I want to be visible

Oh mûror, mánkamur ín Kirfu!
Oh lord, send me to the Kirfu Islands!


Parda, cústamur!
Wall, protect me!

Prótok do lu lurza!
Protection of the light!

Prótok do lu nôrka!
Protection of the darkness!

Prótok dol damróm!
Protection from the Demon!

Pûrna, súlcarte!
Heal, leg!

Pûr sustó, piq burb amgún
Of course, my wee, bearded friend

Rínkara ûl purtóm!
Repair the door!

Sá sûnam, côrpam!
Become healthy, body!

Sá sûnam, dûdom!
Heal, finger!

Sacerak, twant ránda dol ôrga do lus kéveres
Sacerak, 12th rank of the order of magicians

Stránas glíndas!
Glowing chains

Tan kráto tó recava!
Your creator is calling you home!

Tó saltalo
I salute you

Tó saltalo, Benalir, hûjum do Galdor
I salute you, Benalir, Son of Galdor

U aróm, vúla!
And now: Fly!

Úngora lu sála côndan!
Reveal the real figure!

Untónk huz lo
Go on and make it

Vákató, mûntom!
Deplete, ghost!

Vû ín Sûrdram u ontád lu bánkad u ûl prótok valôd!
Go to Sûrdram and reinforce the forces and the magic protection!

Vûn, cûstór dol calum u pánamur!
Come, guardian of heaven and support me!

Vûn, cûstór do lu prûfa purq nusto to ádda!
Come, guardian of the deep, I need your help!

Vûn, cûstór do lu prûfa, vômur u hullontrur ûl pidra do lu ánara!
Come, guardian of the deep, let us find the stone of souls!

Vûn, gûmdra
Come, dragon

Vûn ín mor!
Come to me!

Milunian grammar

There are only masculine and feminine nouns.

Masculine articles: ûl, luru (definite articles), ón, ónos (indefinite articles)

Feminine articles: lu, lus (definite articles), ána, áne (indefinite articles)

The plural of nouns, which end on a vowel, are formed by the addition of a –s.
Nouns, which end on a consonant, form their plural by the addition of an –os.
There are some exceptions:


  • Ûl cûstór – The guard
  • Luru cûstóros – The guards
  • Lu pûrna – The leg
  • Lus pûrnas – The legs


  • Ûl drûk – Luru drûks

Referring to verbs, you distinguish between three infinitive endings:
-ar, -or, -ur.

epurar (to hope) blangror (to bleed) abûrtur (to open)
epuro blangru abûrta
epures blangras abûrtos
epure blangra abûrtu
epurum blangram abûrtom
epureste blangraste abûrtuste
epureno blangrano abûrtono

The imperative of the 2nd person plural is the same as the 3rd person singular of the indicative. The vowel which is pronounced is marked with accent. Normally the first vowel is stressed.

Example: blángra! – bleed!

The imperative of the 2nd person plural is formed by adding a –d to the 3rd person singular.

Example: abûrtud! – öffnet!

Adjectives refer to the noun. Their plural is formed like the noun. They are put in front of the noun usually.


  • Ón grono arûm – A big tree
  • Ána grona parda – A big wall

Adjectives end on –o (masculine), -a (feminine) or on a consonant. If it ends on a consonant, there is only one form for masculine and feminine.


  • Ón piq arûm – A small tree
  • Ána piq parda – A small wall

Here are the pronouns of the Milunian language:

Personal pronouns object pronouns (definite) object pronouns (indefinite)
o - I mur - me mor - me
tû - you tó - you tea - you
lom – he, she, it lum – him, her lu – him, her
nimo - we normo - us normo - us
vike - you vorke - you vorke - you
vorno - they les - them lea - them

Not always a personal pronoun has to stand in front of the verb. The elves use them very seldom, magicians more often due to their aesthetic effect.


  • Kûro sûr vilcó – I want to be seen (again).
  • O kûro sûr vilcó – I want to be seen (again).

Important prepositions:

  • ín – in, on
  • am – on, at, to
  • do – from

Linguistics of the dwarfs

As well as any other creatures on the Saranian continent, the dwarfs have their own language that is spoken alongside the Saranian main language, especially by the dwarf clans. It is not used that often as the main language in the novels, so we have a short look at the sentences used in the books only instead of the whole grammar.

Phrases of dwarf linguistics from "Sarania – The missing nation":

Kôn aras, wû kérik?
Who are you, what do you want?

Arô u onkor, stu páda ond dônko cûlûk!
I am a friend, I come in peace und want to be let in!

Od odor tan dé.
I will listen to you.

Pôrkûk, tûke dápit!
Close, door!

Ûn sámbolo ad Brûn, boto do ol árkwod Karkûm man dána odor!
In the name of Brûn, I beg the venerable Karkûm to listen to me!